UConn and Air Force Game Notes

The Buckeyes couldn’t build on the blowout victory over Air Force and suffered their biggest defeat this year to the Huskies on Saturday. Here are some notes on both games.

UConn Game Notes

  • UConn is a much better team than us and played like it. For the first time this year, it felt like we had a 0% chance of winning during the entire game.
  • UConn smothered our PNR extremely well. They forced the ball handlers away from the screen and we didn’t know how to react. Loving and KBD gave some good fakes and went away from the screen to get to the rim a couple times, but Lyle handled it poorly. Our screeners didn’t help by not providing an outlet. Only one time did Giddens back out of the screen to give Marc an open target to keep the offense moving and it took way too long to develop.

12_12_2015_UConn_vs_Ohio_State Giddens shorting PNR

  • Lyle got abused on defense. On the perimeter and in the post – it didn’t matter where.
  • We didn’t get any favors either. UConn was making some well-defended shots and I thought we got fouled on some shots, but didn’t get the call. UConn was smart to shut down Loving and make our other guys beat them, though.
  • Brimah was probably UConn’s most valuable player that game. You could make a case for Purvis who filled the stat sheet or Calhoun who didn’t miss a shot, but Brimah’s presence was of the most value. On offense, his dives on pick-and-rolls forced our bigs into an unfortunate decision: play the ball and give up the lob, or play the lob and give up an uncontested jump shot. Giddens and Thompson occasionally struggled with this kind of dance between the roller and the ball handler. Normally Giddens does this well, but Brimah made it really difficult.

Ohio State vs UConn 12-12-2015 Brihma diving on PNR

  • In this play, Giddens literally turns his back to the ball to stop the lob. He does a great job of recovering, but it looks like he fouls and gets lucky with a no call. On defense, Brimah protected the rim and we struggled to score around the hoop more than any other game.


Air Force Game Notes

  • Our defense was on point. We moved on a string, communication was clear, we kept our heads on a swivel, and didn’t get caught watching the ball or chasing steals. There were a few possessions in the middle of the 1st half where we were absolutely lockdown on Air Force.
  • On offense, we moved the ball well and found holes in the defense. Air Force tried a zone defense, but we tore it up with great passing and movement.
  • We showed a lot of effort rebounding the ball.
  • There’s not too much else to say. They played really well, especially on defense which made the matchup with UConn that much more disappointing.


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