9 Quick Facts on the OSU vs. Michigan Basketball Rivalry

Because the Bucks next game is against the team up north and I’m feeling really lazy, I’m just going to write nine facts on the Ohio State and Michigan rivalry (basketball edition).

[Aside: I’m so unexcited about this post that I’m writing it directly in the WordPress CRM. I blame the team – they’re just not fun to watch. Giddens is entertaining, but everyone else is boring. It’s also hard not to feel apathetic about a team that, if they even make the tournament, will lose in the first round.]

Ok here we go. Nine facts about the OSU and Michigan rivalry that you could have just Googled to find out on your own if you were curious at all about such things.

  1. Ohio State leads Michigan all-time in basketball 72-50. (Go us!)
  2. We also have a +305 point differential lead in those 122 games.
  3. The longest OSU streak has been 8 games and the longest streak for Michigan has been 7 games.
  4. There have been 12 occasions in which both teams have been ranked when they played each other. Ohio State leads that series 7-5.
  5. Both teams have one national championship (Buckeyes in 1960 and Michigan in 1989).
  6. 46 Michigan players have played in the NBA and 43 Ohio State players have gone on to play in the NBA.
  7. The first time the teams played each other was in 1909. Ohio State won 29-22.
  8. The most recent meeting was on February 22, 2015 and Michigan won 64-57.
  9. Thad Matta is 18-7 all-time in his career as the Ohio State head coach against Michigan.


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